Biomass Boilers

Uploaded ImageIn 2018 Dobbie were involved with three biomass steam boiler projects ranging from 4MW to 14MW output. The new 4MW boiler was recently commissioned and it burns sawdust to produce steam for kiln drying of timber. Dobbie prepared the technical specifications, tender documents and evaluated tenders. Dobbie were the engineer to the contract and provided technical support for our client throughout the contract including witnessing commissioning and performance tests. For this installation Dobbie was engaged for the steam piping design and structural design of the 26m tall cyclone and stack.
The design of the piping was complicated as it was supported by several different structures that would move differently during an earthquake. Dobbie are regularly assisting our clients and overseas equipment suppliers with designs to meet the latest seismic requirements set out in Engineering NZ Practice Note 19 “Seismic Resistance of Pressure Equipment and its Supports”